Folding machine functions and commonly used accessories

Paper folders help increase productivity and reduce the time spent folding letters, invoices, or flyers by hand. paper folding machines automatically fold documents into multiple fold types with great precision and efficiency. Designed to handle a wide range of paper sizes and weights, they're an ideal choice for personal and commercial applications.
It's important to note that using a folding machine requires careful setup and adjustment to ensure the folds are accurate and consistent. This includes setting the fold plates to the correct positions and adjusting the paper feed for the particular size and thickness of the paper being used.

Heidelberg folding machines, like any other industrial machines, have several consumable parts that need to be replaced regularly to ensure optimal performance. As a very powerful Bookbinding and Printing Consumables Supplier we can supply consumable parts of a Heidelberg folding machine as below:

Belts and Rollers: These are the most common consumable parts in a folding machine. Over time, the belts and rollers can wear out and need to be replaced to ensure smooth operation.

Folding Plates: These are subjected to regular wear and tear and may need to be replaced periodically.

Creasing and Perforating Blades: These are used to crease and perforate the paper and can become dull over time. They need to be replaced when they no longer make clean creases or perforations.

Suction Cups and Feeding Wheels: These parts are responsible for feeding the paper into the machine. They can wear out and cause paper feeding problems if not replaced regularly.

Cutting Knives: Used in some models for trimming, these can become dull and require replacement.

Bearings and Bushings: These parts reduce friction between moving parts and can wear out over time.

Lubricants: While not a ‘part’, machines need regular lubrication to keep moving parts running smoothly.

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