MullerMartini and Spare Parts

Muller Martini is one of the largest manufacturers of print finishing solutions and machinery in the world and its a well-known brand specializing in bookbinding and print finishing equipment. They offer a range of high-quality spare parts for their book sewing machines, which are essential for maintaining their performance and longevity.

We supply parts and supplies that are compatible with Martini Muller Saddle Stitcher & Perfect Binding Machines. Updating these specific parts will help your machine run more efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Gripper: This component is responsible for holding the material securely during the sewing process.
  2. Thread Cutter: It is used to cut the thread at the end of a seam or when you need to change the thread.
  3. Spring: Springs are used in various parts of the sewing machine for tension and are critical to the machine’s operation.
  4. Bachmann Needle: It’s a specific type of needle used in some high-performance sewing machines.
  5. Puncher Scissor: It is used to make holes in the material for the thread to pass through.
  6. Timing Belt: The timing belt ensures the coordinated movement of the machine’s different components.
  7. Tooth Belt: It’s another type of belt used in sewing machines for transmitting power.
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